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And Equipment Appraisal Solution

What You Need To Know To Protect Yourself...

You need to know what to expect when you need an appraisal of your machinery and equipment.  Just what goes into a Certified Appraisal Report?  A USPAP (Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice) compliant Report mandates specific information about the subject property to withstand scrutiny by the IRS, lenders, courts, attorneys and others.

Briefly, the Certified Machinery & Equipment Appraisal Report prepared by North Texas Appraisers will contain substantiated and defensible information you can rely upon. Here's just an overview ... there is much, much more!

  • Summary Of Facts
  • Scope Of Work
  • Economic Conditions
  • Degree To Which The Property Is Inspected Or Identified
  • Extent Of Research Into The Physical Or Economic Factors That Could Affect The Property
  • Extent Of Data Research
  • Type And Extent Of Analysis Applied In Arriving At Opinions Or Conclusions
  • Depth Of Onsite Inspection
  • Overall Condition Of Equipment
  • Intended Use
  • Definitions Of Conditions
  • Methods Of Evaluation
  • Sources Contacted
  • Final Value Summary And Reconciliation
  • Appraiser's Certifications And Qualifications
  • Photographs
One Of The Most Important Questions You Need Answered...
Is The Appraisal Report USPAP Compliant?
USPAP, promulgated by Congress, is the leading authoritative source for collection and reporting.  A USPAP compliant Report is your only solution to protect yourself and your assets!   
North Texas Appraisers Are Advocates ONLY Of The Appraisal.
Therefore...You Can Rely With Confidence On A Certified Machinery & Equipment Appraisal Report Consistent  With The Scope Of The Engagement.

Type Of Appraisals:

Certified Appraisals

Desktop Appraisals


Fair Market Value

Orderly Liquidation Value

Forced Liquidation Value

Many More Upon Request!

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