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And Equipment Appraisal Solution
7 Out Of 10 Business Owners Pay BPP Taxes On
Machinery AndEquipment They No Longer Own.

Are You?

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You Can Find Out If You've Been Paying Higher Taxes Than You Should!
The Certified professionals at North Texas Appraisers will research the BPP taxes for your business for the years 2004, 2005, 2006 and 2007 and report the findings to you.  There are only 4 steps that are required before we get started...
 4 Steps To Find Out Once And For All!
1.  Call us to schedule a meeting.
2.  We'll need your current depreciation schedule.
3.  We'll need consent from you authorizing North Texas Appraisers to access the records.
4.  Check in the amount of $149.95
Within one week from the date that we receive the 4 steps above, we'll meet with you and discuss the results!
There Is A Filing Deadline Of May 1 So Time Is Of The Essence. 
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Are You Paying Too Much For Your Business Personal Property (BPP) Taxes?
You Hope Not...
But Do You Really Know?
Every Year You Hate To Receive And Open your Business Personal Property Tax Bill...
99.9% of every business owner gets a knot and sinking feeling in their stomach when they receive and open the Notice of Taxes from the City of Dallas Appraisal District and then you wonder ... “Now how much do I owe and for what?”  It is an unsettling dilemma, especially in these tight economic times.  You work hard to turn a profit and grow your business, but the “Tax Man Knocks With An Outrageous BPP Tax Bill!” 
What if we told you, that there is a way in which you can find out if the value of your assets in your business on the BPP is accurate or not...Would you be interested?  What if you found out that the BPP contained an erroneous value that was not substantiated and you were asked to pay more money than the value of your business substantiates? 
The Solution Is To Have An Advocate That Can Find Out What You Need To Know About The BPP Tax

There is no need to feel backed into a corner of red tape when it comes to the research needed to find out what the value of your assets or its  machinery and equipment.

     North Texas Appraisers, LLC can be your solution and advocate to research and obtain the information you need to determine what your BPP value is based upon for the past three years.  After all, are you sure that the value is substantiated or has the value been arbitrarily set by someone who has no clue what your property assets are or not?  Are you paying taxes on equipment you no longer own?  Has the Appraisal District determined that the value on the equipment is higher than fair   market value to collect more taxes?  These are just some of the questions North Texas Appraisers, LLC research and report to you.


What Options Do You Have If You Want To Protest Your BPP?

That’s a great question and we’re glad that you asked.  After North Texas Appraisers delivers to you the information you need, if you want to protest the value because it is based on inaccurate information, we stand ready to assist.

     The professionals at North Texas Appraisers are Certified Machinery & Equipment Appraisers who deliver a USPAP compliant Certified Appraisal Report that is backed by comparables, substantiation, and holds up to scrutiny with the courts, IRS, lenders and others.

     In addition, North Texas Appraisers works with an attorney to handle all details with the Dallas Appraisal District.  The attorney will strive to obtain a lower tax bill prior to a formal hearing before the Appraisal Review Board.  Here’s the best part...when North Texas Appraisers substantiates the fair market value of the equipment that will substantiate the need to lower your BPP, we will pay for the attorney to represent you.  How much can you expect to save?  Since each business is different, we estimate 20% - 50%.

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