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Need To Find Or Buy Equipment?
Your Equipment Source It takes time, money, and it's a hassle to sell or locate equipment at a fair price.  Why not let the professionals who are experienced at buying and selling equipment handle all the details for you?
Locate Equipment If you're looking for any type of equipment, the professionals at North Texas Appraisers have a dynamic international network of equipment brokers at their disposal to locate your specific type of equipment.  
Sell Equipment Do you really have the time or tools available to you to sell your equipment?  It takes time and money to effectively and efficiently sell equipment.  Why not let the professionals at North Texas Appraisers list, market, and sell the equipment for you?
What You Need To Know About CERTIFIED Appraisals...
                        After All, There IS A Difference!
Do you know the 20 different business reasons why you need a machinery and equipment appraisal?     
What is your equipment worth?  CPAs, lenders, attorneys, courts, IRS and others all want to know.  
Time is money.  Are you maximizing your time and money when it comes to the value of your  machinery and equipment?
4 Strict Points That An Appraiser Should Comply With To Protect You From Receiving Surface Level Information...
Ethical Obligations
Advocacy Only Of The Appraisal

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